Calling on the services of a Property Management Company in Paris may seem superfluous. However, its services are useful and inexpensive. Whether you are renting an empty or a furnished property, with a long-term lease or medium one (via Host In Paris for example), the range of services are similar, such as the key words are:  » More free time for yourself, limited constraints for the property owners! ».

Since management fees are deductible from your taxable income, the actual cost of this service is negligible.

Coût d'un service de gestion locative - Effirent

Whether you declare your income as « a revenu foncier »or  a « revenu meublé » BIC category (Industrial and Commercial Profits – furnished rentals), management charges are deductible from your taxable income.


On the other hand, in the event of an incident, it is up to the agency to manage everything without you having to intervene.

Effirent - Gestion locative

  • A plumbing or electrical problem, the agency contacts a trusted craftsman and submits the estimate for your approval.
  • Resolving tenants complaints, solving access issues


The agency will take care of the day-to-day upkeep

Effirent - Gestion locative innovante

  • Tenant screening and Running backgrounds
  • Checking and collecting rent
  • Transmission to the lessor of the elements necessary for the establishment of the tax return.
  • In case of late payment, the agency manages the reminders and launches the necessary collection procedure.
  • Performing property maintenance.

The agency will respond to your tax, legal or accounting issues.

Within the framework of our activity, we are in contact with experts who intervene in the fiscal, legal or design fields. In case of doubt, the agency will make its best efforts to put you in contact with the most qualified person to answer you:

  • Accountant
  • Lawyer specialized in real estate law
  • Interior designer, etc.
Ultimately, for a negligible financial cost, using a property management company in Paris such as Effirent allows you to be free of all the constraints associated with renting. The company establishes true relationships either with the property owner and with the tenant. This in order to anticipate as many problems as possible. You will  never be contacted by the tenants! If you would like more information, do not hesitate to consult the details of our services: Effirent Services. 
Service without obligation, the Lessor may decide to terminate this service at any time, without cost and without notice.
We are at your disposal for any questions.

The Effirent team